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10 Small Lounge Layout Ideas To Maximize Your Space

Small living rooms may be short on dimensions, but they’re full of potential. There’s plenty that you can do with the space to turn it into the most comfortable resting space. With a clever choice of furniture, their placement, wall paint, and some curtain tricks, you can make the room appear classy, comfortable, and perfectly proportioned, even if it was small, to begin with.

Top 10 Small Lounge Layout Ideas

Let’s discover some intelligent design tricks to stylize a small lounge. Try out all the ideas that work for your room and personalize it with your own taste.

1. Unconventional Furniture Choices

The last thing you want to do is to cram the space with a traditional sofa set. Instead, choose a compact 2- to 3- seater sofa that works well with the size of the room. If you need more seating, include some ottomans. They’ll use much little room than sofas or armchairs, and can be used both as a stool or a footrest. Check out Canvas & Leather Stool to add more seating to your lounge without the added clutter.

You may want to couple the stools with the right size of coffee table, such that the stools can be tucked away under the table when not in use.

2. Overhead Lighting

Lighting can be attached to the ceiling or the walls to save space on the floor. Floor lamps take extra space and should be avoided to prevent extra clutter in a small living space. In addition, wall-mounted lamps add an extra dimension to the living room, bringing more visual appeal. Here’s a White and Gold Over-Table Pendant that’s both simple and elegant to compliment a small living room.

Though yellow, orange shades of lighting bring warmth to the space, they also make it smaller. If you’re already short on space, you may want to consider white lighting.

3. Lighter Walls

Dark colors are great, but they can be tricky to work with in a small room. Instead, go for lighter wall paint to make it appear airy and open. White, cream, grey, or a light shade of green or blue are all excellent choices to paint a small lounge. There are several tones to choose from. If you’re not sure about the choice, use tester samples before painting the entire room.

4. Amplify Natural Light

Let in as much natural light into the room as possible. Use light shades of shutters or blinds instead of curtains to provide control over the light, without the extra clutter. Even if you go with curtains, go for minimalistic designs and lighter shades. Make sure they can be swept away easily to let in light into the room.

5. Strategic Mirror Placement

Incorporating mirrors is probably the most popular way of making a small room appear bigger. Try to position vertical wall mirrors opposite a window. It reflects natural light coming from outside, giving the illusion of space. Check out Arco Arched Mirror, available in 2 sizes, to stylize a contemporary lounge. You can even use an oversized mirror to cover most of a wall - it will practically double your lounge space.

6. Use Walls

Understandably, a small lounge won’t have much space for extra furniture. Instead of adding extra side tables and floor racks, think in terms of decorating the walls. Install shelves for books and plants, hang picture frames and artwork to personalize the room without creating clutter.

Here’s a Zebra Oil Painting - Front that will look fabulous behind a simplistic sofa.

7. Bring In Geometry

With your wall frames, furniture and decoratives, try to incorporate features of varying geometry to create the illusion of extra length and width.

8. Rethink Media Unit

With a small lounge, go for wall-mounted TV placement and floating shelves for your entertainment center to free up floor space. If you want more space, you can go for two floating shelves.  one above the other. Additionally, you have free space under the floating shelves to tuck in some more stools.

9. Use Awkward Spaces To Your Advantage

Sometimes living rooms are small because of their awkward architecture. Bay windows, for instance, often make it a nightmare to stylize the room. Think about using the space intelligently. You may be able to squeeze in a compact two-seater sofa, such as Hollywood 2 Seater Sofa, in the bay window space and save floor space.

Depending on the features of the awkward corner, you may be able to use it to mount the TV or place a side table, instead of leaving it unused.

10. Add life

Don’t forget to add some live decorations! Plants make any room appear airy and welcoming. Bring in some bright colors and interesting textures, like spider plants and ferns. There are many low-maintenance plants, including succulents, that won’t be too hard to keep alive even if you’re not big on gardening. Other than adding a pop of color to the room, they also clean the indoor air, making the space healthier and comfortable for the inhabitants.


Giving some time to stylize your living room correctly is worth the effort. After all, it’s probably the most lived-in space in your home. It’s important that the lounge is comfortable enough to make you want to sit in it. Employ the small lounge layout ideas you learned above to give the space the much-needed transformation.

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