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6 Reasons To Invest In A High Quality Sofa

Sofas should be considered as a long term asset – a good sofa should at least last for about 15-20 years. People now a days look at the attractive price tags and forget about the quality of the sofa which gets worn out in less than five years.

You should always ensure to choose quality products to get our money’s worth especially during the current cost of living crisis.

Ellanoir Luxury provides world class furniture and is one of the finest furniture retailers in Manchester, with a wide range of luxury furniture all under one roof.

High quality sofas doesn’t confine only to the durability aspect but also brings with it several other advantages.


The value for money’ is something what high quality sofas have to offer. The fabrics, materials used in the making of the sofa ensures maximum comfort for the end user. A comfortable sofa at the end of a long hard day is essential indeed!


Durability is the unique selling point of any quality product retailed by Ellanoir Luxury and it’s the same with sofas as well. Good quality ensures durability – and wouldn’t you want your favourite piece of furniture to last long?

Easy Care

High quality sofas can be maintained with ease, most of the high end sofas are stain free because of its upholsteries like Italian leather. The colours of the sofa sets do not fade away and stays intact for a longer period of time. The sofas made of natural fabrics are heat resistant and does not melt easily either.

In shape and Ages well

The fabrics and the fillings A.K.A padding stay intact in their original shape for many years whereas low-quality sofas lose their shape within a few years. Especially leather sofas which stay in their actual form for a longer period. Leather furniture ages like fine wine, it gives out a slight change in its colour and gives an old world furniture look perfect for modern homes.

Added Features

Our high end quality sofas are designed with you in mind. Boasting extra functionalities like storage spaces or foldable features which gives these sofas an extra oomph factor.


High quality sofas give unique character and overall mood to your entire house with their intricate designs. An outstanding quality sofa will inevitably enhance the look of your dream home. In fact, any high quality furniture will add to the beauty and value of your home.

5 Pillar Check

Before you commit to buying a new sofa, do a quick 5-pillar check to ensure the quality and durability of the sofa. The 5 points to be checked are; frame material, frame joints, cushion filling, suspension, and upholstery. The frame material should be made of high quality hardwood. The frame joints need to be firmly screwed and glued in the right areas.

The filling could be of foam, polyester fibre and feather. The suspension method should be either coiled spring units, serpentine or no-sag springs, elastabelt webbing and finally ensure high quality upholstery to make the sofa look rich in style and design.

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