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How To Build A Lean To Roof Extension Side Of House

Won’t it be nice to enjoy a nice cup of coffee early in the morning under the shade of a beautiful wooden lean to roof side of house veranda? Transform your garden or patio space into the most relaxing haven by learning how to build a lean to on side of house UK. Over the years, you can grow Virginia creepers or flowering vines over them to boost the aesthetics even further.

Besides creating a beautiful sitting area, you can also use your lean to shed for other purposes. You can use it for storing your gardening tools, leftover timber and anything else you want to keep outdoors and protect from rain and snow. You can also transform it into a chicken or duck coop. How you use your lean to shed on side of house depends primarily on your lifestyle.

Planning Permission

Ready-made lean to side of house constructions, such as the Lean to Box Pergola complies with all the local construction regulations for UK residents. However, you’ll need to be a little more careful if you construct your own DIY lean to extension side of house.

You can check with the UK planning portal if your design is within the construction guidelines put up by the regulatory bodies. As long as the measurements are within the guidelines and you follow all other regulations, there’s nothing to worry about.

Building Lean To Shed Side Of House

Here’s our guide on how to build a lean to on side of house UK. Follow it step by step and you’ll have a practical and comfortable outdoor space to use for whatever you have in mind.

Tools And Material

Before getting to work and building a lean to shed side of house, there are some things you’ll need. Here’s a list of tools and materials to gather before getting started:

  • 9 wooden posts
  • 6 wooden planks
  • 8 purlins
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Screw driver
  • Roofing material of choice (optional)


Once you’ve gathered everything you’ll need, here’s how to build a lean to roof side of house:

  • Decide on the area where you want the lean to side of house to be.
  • Measure an 8 feet distance from the side of the house and dig a hole to drive in the wooden post.
  • Drive the wooden post into the hole and backfill with concrete to set it strongly in place.
  • Measure a 3 feet distance from the post you set into the ground, parallel with the house and dig another hole.
  • Drive another post into the hole and backfill with concrete to secure it in its place.
  • Repeat the steps for a third and fourth post, maintaining a 3 feet distance between posts.
  • Cut notches on top of the posts and secure the supporting posts in them.
  • Attach metal purlins on the outer side of the posts using a nail gun to fasten the screws securely.
  • Attach two wooden planks on either side of the structure, and one in the center, using a nail gun. These will be the rafters.
  • Continue attaching wooden planks at regular intervals between the planks placed in the previous step to make the roof.
  • You can place a roofing material of choice on top and nail it in.

Additional Ideas

So that’s about it! You’re done. At the end of the project, you’ll have a beautiful DIY lean to extension side of house. Though the above instructions are for the simplest design, you can customize it to whatever you like. Decorative elements, such as trims to the side posts, may be added to give it some finishing touches and add to the beauty of the roof. Set out some outdoor furniture under the roof and turn it into a relaxing sitting area.

As as extended project, you can cover the sides with glass walls and add flooring to make it into an enclosed outdoor dining area. Enjoy your meals here, under the shade of your lean to shed side of house, surrounded by trees, bushes and flowers, without being bothered by wind, rain, mosquitoes and other things. 

Is There An Easier Alternative?

You guessed it right! Enjoying a beautiful side of house lean to shouldn’t be that hard! As it turns out, there IS an easier alternative! Skip the major outdoor project described above and place your order for Premium Lean to Pergola - 3 Post. It will be delivered to your doorstep in just around a week.

The premium design, reinforced with rafters and runners to strengthen the design, is ready to be installed at the side of your house with minimum assembly. The pressure treated and corrosion treated wood is ready to withstand the test of time and weather, while the premium posts, embellished with decorative pedestal panels add a beautiful finish to the ambiance of the place.


So there you have it! If you enjoy construction projects, this guide will help you create a robust and practical lean to extension side of house. However, if you’re not big on tools and construction or can’t space time for the project, you can easily order one at Ellanoir Luxury.

Take a look at Lean to Garden Pergola - 2 Post that presents the prefect extension to your outdoor space. Ellanoir Luxury offers a complete range of steller side of house lean to for you. You have the option to choose whatever fits your preferences and budget best.

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