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How to Style a Bookcase

Bookshelves may take up a significant amount of space in your house and become a focal point when they do. They're ideal for displaying cherished trinkets and pieces you've acquired over the years, as well as books and pictures you want to keep near at hand. However, they demand that you pay attention to them.

It's sometimes easier said than done to get their layout just perfect. Don't worry, we've got some simple tips to help you improve your shelf style game and make them appear Insta-worthy.

How to Style a Bookcase

With professionally styled bookcases and shelves, you can make a modern statement. With these step-by-step style instructions, you can simply get a stunning, balanced design that shows your favourite goods and memories.

Tips to Style Your Bookcase Like a Pro

Here are some simple yet effective tips that you can use to style your bookcase like a pro.

Make it Significant

Consider the positioning of your bookshelves - and their scale for your room - before you start thinking about how to arrange your bookshelf. It should be a focal point of your look and carry enough weight to be noticeable. For instance, you can set two similar bookshelves next to each other to create the illusion of built-ins and make the room appear larger.

Begin With the Largest Items First

When you start designing your shelf with little decorative things, it's simple to go wrong. So begin by adding bigger/larger items on your shelves, such as woven baskets or artwork. This will assist you in determining the appropriate scale and balance, as well as provide you with a basic plan.

Vertical Rows and Horizontal Stacks

Begin with books, alternating vertical and horizontal stacks. Books should be placed on the left, right, and centre of the shelves. Keep just your greatest books on the shelves and throw away the worn textbooks and paperbacks. Allow space on the shelves for accessories.

Add Artwork and Small Objects

It is not necessary for the artwork to be pricey. Consider putting artwork in the rear of the shelf and layering smaller decorative objects in front to generate interest by utilising the depth of the shelf.

You may also include little items such as vases, candlesticks, or a sculpture. These pieces may be used as bookends as well. A coherent arrangement can be achieved by grouping items of comparable colours or materials.

Have a look at this Small Pyramid Candle Stand. You can place it on one of the shelves of the bookcase you are styling.

Don’t Stuff

Even if you have a lot of books and/or rare items to show off, try to keep just the ones you actually love or find a new home for some of them. It's a good idea to combine books with other decorative things and leave some empty space. When you have a lot of little items on your shelves, it's too much for your eyes and brain to process, so it interprets it as clutter.

Add Items on Your Stack

Stacking is one of the popular methods to give your shelf style, and a simple approach is to place things on top of stacks. Simply add a little ornamental object on top of any book stacks you've built on your shelf. For example, on one stack, I've placed a blue glass knot and on another, a metal trinket box.

To add a classic look to your bookcase, you can add Lapizilu Black Sculpture Art with Knotted Design to your bookcase.

Look for a Suitable Colour Scheme

It doesn’t mean that you should colour your books, but try to stick to one or two dominating colours that you may use throughout the bookshelf. This will give you a soothing effect to your sight than tonnes of various colours randomly. You can also try grouping books according to colours on different shelves if that looks good to you. Alternatively, you might go with a very neutral, non-colour scheme.

Add a Touch of Greenery

To impart an organic touch and counterbalance the straight aspect of a bookshelf, scatter a few small potted succulents around the shelves or add a plant with a long, leafy form.

You can place this set of 3 small planters - 3 Pot Wooden Window Planters on your bookcase to add a green touch to the beautiful world of books.

Ground Your Bookcase

Larger things, such as boxes or baskets, or a stack of large coffee-table books, should be placed near the bottom of the stack. The heaviest (both literally and aesthetically) items should be placed on the lower shelves.

Accent with Metallics

A few metallic things will give a burst of shine to your shelf decorating and enhance it. You can mix metals, but make sure they're all heated or cold. Warm tones such as gold, brass, copper, or rose gold, as well as all cool tones such as silver and nickel, are examples of this.

Edit and Re-edit

Stop now and take a step back with a critical eye. Take a snapshot with your phone and examine it via that lens. You'll very certainly find that you need to trim things down three or four times! Don't fill it to the brim. But make sure it's well-balanced. Does it appear that one side is "heavier" than the other? Adjust a few things so that it is balanced on both sides.

Keep Swapping Items In and Out as Needed

The benefit of open bookshelves and shelving is that you may show off your current favourite products. We enjoy changing out the photos depending on the season or if you want to give your guests a personal touch. Tabletop frames are lovely, or for an ultra-modern aesthetic, lean a bigger frame against the wall or bookcase.

The Last Words

Bookcases are one of the most important furniture of in your house, especially, if you are a booklover. When you have styled your bookcase, it has an immediate positive effect on your mind and sparks a sense of satisfaction. We would be happy to see how you have styled your bookcases. Share pictures with us.

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