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Small Attic Bedroom Ideas

With just a little care, you can even transform the tiniest crawl spaces in your home into a comfortable resting spot. Attics, though, are typically associated with storage units, some clever small attic bedroom ideas can transform them into the loveliest little room in your house.

It can be the cozy little nook you can retire into whenever you’re in search of some peace and quiet. You can use it as a guest bedroom, a reading corner, or anything else that suits your lifestyle.

7 Clever Small Attic Bedroom Ideas

Take a look at these amazing small attic bedroom ideas to give that dusty corner the cutest makeover.

1.   Play With Lengths

Attics typically have slanting ceilings, lower than that in the rest of the house. Working intelligently with furniture lengths can give you the illusion of length, so the ceilings appear somewhat higher than they actually are.

Choose lower, simplistic furniture and scaled artwork, in contrast, to add to the impression of height. 4KIDS Single Bed with Under Drawer is an excellent choice in this regard since it’s lower than a typical bed, and you can benefit from the additional storage spaces under the bed.

Couple the bed with Linnea Oil Painting on Canvas to add height to your reading nook. A small side table next to the bed and a reading light on the other side complete’s the setting for the most comfortable reading room.

2.   Use Exposed Brick To Your Advantage

Attics and lofts often have exposed bricks. Leave the walls be to add more warmth and character to the room. The imperfection and texture give a unique touch to the room, making it stand out among other rooms in your house.

Showcase the brick wall’s color and texture by using low furniture and smaller artwork, and attempt to keep as much of the wall visible as possible. Install Leif Oil Painting on Canvas on the center of an empty wall, next to a small rack where you can keep books and magazines.

If you have space for a floor-standing pot in the corner, include a houseplant because the green foliage will contrast beautifully against the dark color of brick.

3.   Loft Beds For Extra Space

Whether it’s a twin’s room or a single’s, a loft bed will always add more space to a small room. If a single person will be using the room, you can place a workstation or a storage space under the lofted bed. If you want the space for two people, you can use a bunk bed to do the job. Either way, you’ll be using vertical space to make more out of the little space you have.

Under the lofted bed, you can have a small worktop, such as the Handmade Vintage Coffee Table, rug, and lamp to complete the workspace. Alternatively, you can have one or two small shelves and a rug to complete a reading corner.

4.   Bright Walls

Bright walls often make the room appear larger than it actually is. If you’re going to paint the attic before furnishing it, choose bright colors that can reflect light around the room. Yellow, sky blue, and green are all good choices for wall paint.

In contrast, furniture can be in lighter wood color and light shades for bedding. Keep minimum furniture in the room, including only what’s necessary and leaving out the rest. Add some life by bringing in plants wherever there’s some space to spare. In addition to pleasing your eyes, plants also purify the indoor air, making your living space healthier for you.

5.   Include An Accent Wall

Accent walls often add a focal point to a small room. Bold colors and textures can create an accent wall to add both warmth and visual interest to the room. You have endless possibilities to make your accent wall. If you don’t want to apply wood panels or tiles, a simple wallpaper can also do the trick.

In contrast to the accent wall, the room’s furniture and bedding can be lighter. Include a small rug in lighter shades that includes the accent wall’s color for some connection.

6.   Use Every Awkward Corner

Slanting ceilings create awkward corners and you may run out of ideas trying to think what to do with these. With a rug such as Woven Tasselled Natural Rug, cushions, and a blanket, you can always create the tiniest spaces into a comfortable reading nook you can retire to.

If the corner is too small for sitting in, include some plant pots and create it into a green corner. If there isn’t a window lighting the space, you’ll need to choose plant varieties that can survive in shade, and there are plenty of options there too.

7.   Create A Cozy Guest Bedroom

If the space doesn’t complement a typical master bedroom idea, it can always work into a beautiful guest bedroom. The Elsa Grey Velvet Sofa Bed is a huge space saver and an excellent addition to a guest bedroom. While it serves as comfortable seating throughout the day, you can push down the supportive backrest to turn it into a comfortable bed for a restful night’s sleep. Couple it with a low side table, with a lamp and candle on top.


These were some small attic bedroom ideas to get you started on your venture. When you put your mind to it, there are plenty of things you can do with the space and transform it from a dusty home for the spiders to the coziest retreat in your home.

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