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Paloma Living

Paloma Living is an Australian luxury soft furnishings brand; intertwining the opulence of classic design with a tactile focus drenched in escapism. We design with an emphasis on timelessness and luxurious fabrics that pertain to the innate desire to invest in quality home décor.

Founded in 2015 by Natasha Christofa, Paloma Living embodies an appreciation for magnificence in the home. We design with a classic colour pallete and opulent fabrics that allow the simplicity and honour of lavish designs to shine through.

Our incredible collections and renowned textiles are all made in India as we nurture the artisan traditions embedded within the textile industry. With a prominence in linen as well as natural cotton fibres; we design with an array of embroidery and applique techniques that are synonymous with the luxury of the Paloma Living brand.

Every stitch becomes a legacy for Paloma Living and for your home. We stand as a testament to continuity, throughout all our collections Paloma Living’s thread of luxury and timelessness can be seen throughout.

Designed in Australia, Made in India and Treasured In Your Home…