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About Us

My name is Shack and welcome to Ellanoir Luxury, a company that I founded at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. I was suffering tremendously from mental health issues such as depression and anxiety and really lost who I was. During this time, I was desperately searching for direction and guidance as to who I wanted to be which is where the story begins. I have always had a passion for home furniture because your safe house is your home. This is the place where you can truly be you and act any way your heart desires. Our goal was to create a company in which people from any background could have the opportunity to pick pieces of furniture that suits their style and home. With all the stress that is going on in the world, our main focus was to create kind customer service and be a fairly priced institute to all.


Our company is built on the basis of finding the perfect look for your lifestyle. Our pieces are specifically picked and designed for your ideal space with comfort and safety in mind. We believe everyone should have the guidance necessary to mould their home to the exact ways of their liking without societal input or obstacles. Ellanoir Luxury was founded to serve the community as there is a gap in the market, which is that people have a difficult time finding affordable, high quality, homemade products. We want to ensure that our products are easily accessible and fairly priced for everyone. We know that peoples taste change over the years, which is why we provide items that will last through all the phases of life.


When you scroll through our page, my hope for you is to envision your home with these pieces in mind. We only stock the highest quality products because we understand the importance of having trustworthy and reliable furniture in your home. We want to serve you in whatever way possible so if there is something that catches your eye, feel free to chat with us and we can assist you. I am excited to share my business with the world and I hope that as you come across different furniture pieces you will see my goal that I originally had in mind when creating this business and you will fall in love with these pieces just as I have whether you are an interior designer, developer, searching for home & garden, luxury furniture, home Improvement, we have got it all.