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Premium White Glove Delivery

Dream logistics is now in place! Receive, Accept & Enjoy!

Looking for a reliable next day delivery service? Join 1,000s of happy customers who agree, our flexibility reduces your stress & anxiety levels by up to 30%. 

Easily arrange a specific date in the near future for delivery due to holiday trips, unintended outings, work calls, renovations or moving into your new space.

There's nothing worse than receiving a lovely piece of furniture you may have liked to have had placed in your living room.

After waiting weeks if not months for what should have been your beautiful new arrival in just a few days to be now nothing but shattered glass, major discrepancies within the wood work, and simply now takes us space in your home with no purpose.

Handyman, Premium Delivery Service, 1-7 Day Shipping, Ellanoir Luxury

Ellanoir Luxury's Premium Delivery Service was formulated by partnering with some of the

UK's biggest and reputable independent couriers where we can deliver and assemble everything on your behalf. No items leave our hands unless the packaging is almost shuffle proof.

Don't just receive your goods, receive the ultimate experience. When you meet our delivery team you'll see what I mean, send us an email after your delivery we'd love to hear your thoughts :D

Handyman, Premium Delivery Service, 1-7 Day Shipping, Ellanoir Luxury

There is an additional charge for this Premium service, but that's fine here we love to invest in long term premiums to sustain and expand on the value we provide you with year over year to assist

you in elevating your dream home. This is the most preferred and recommended choice for 78% of customers who purchase from Ellanoir Luxury.

 Our Specialist Delivery Team Promise To:

  • Deliver to a flat or room of your choice (All flat floors included)
  • Choose your delivery date (Including Weekends)
  • We Assemble your goods for you within minutes
  • Clear and remove all packaging in the most eco friendly way possible
  • Delivery to: UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, (All) Isles 
  • Live feed tracking system from us right to your door
  • SMS & Email notifications 

Handyman, Premium Delivery Service, 1-7 Day Shipping, Ellanoir Luxury

Let us take away the hassle of setting everything up for you, focus on enjoying your new arrival with friends and family instead :) 

Please use the contact us form below and send us your specific delivery requirements and we will provide you with the best price. Alternatively please contact us on: 0808-196-5807 between 9am - 10pm (Mon-Sun) we always have specialist customer care teams available round the clock for you.