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What To Do When Your Furniture Is On Back-Order

How to Deal With Shipping Delays on Essential Home Items

As anyone who has spent two weeks (or longer!) without a sofa thanks to untimely shipping delays will tell you, it can be incredibly frustrating (to say the very least) when finding yourself at home without a key piece of furniture. 

As supply chain issues and shipping delays continue globally, We turned to our customer base and came together with Shackeem Bennett, founder and CEO of Ellanoir Luxury, to discuss tips and tricks for coping and making do when our furniture orders are delayed or back-ordered.

Why the Delays?

As Shack puts it, “Stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions created a proverbial ‘perfect storm’ for all industries especially the furniture industry." Because we've all been spending more time at home than ever before, it's only natural that we would collectively look to improve our homes and finally replace that old sofa to complete our dream home vibe and aesthetic.

(Who doesn't love a good sofa makeover?) But, Shack notes, "although we pride ourselves on working with majority UK Suppliers. A majority of furniture is still imported / exported overseas, the increased demand requires more international shipping of goods to be fulfilled."

Issues ranging from increased demand and raw material shortages to slow shipping speeds and limited freight capacity have caused delays and back-orders of furniture and other home goods, Shack says. But don't worry! There are ways to weather this perfect shipping storm.

First, Remember Don’t Panic.

Depending on what you’re waiting to have delivered, our customers point out that many furniture items are easy to wait for. “Non-essential items are the easiest to live without, such as ornaments, sideboards, bookcases, sofas, dining tables, nightstands, side tables, figurines, as well as other items that do not facilitate critical activities like eating, sleeping, and working,"

Sort out a Temporary Backup Plan

If you are waiting on an essential item, then you’re going to need an alternative solution to see you through to your highly anticipated furniture arrival, especially if you've already gotten rid of your old piece of furniture. 

One suggestion if you are waiting more than 3 weeks for your order is to look into a furniture rental services which can provide decor, and other home goods you need for a flat monthly fee. Alternately, most customers are suggesting another cost-effective solution: “Air mattresses temporary dining setups can be found in your favourite store’s camping section.”

Plan Ahead

If you want to avoid being left without a must-have item entirely, then the only real option is to plan ahead and shop with these current delays and restrictions in mind.

“The best way to avoid being in a situation where your items are back-ordered is to shop ahead, select items that are in stock whenever possible, and if you want to purchase items with an undetermined or non-published estimated delivery date, simply contact our on hand customer care team and they will be able to provide you with the next available estimated delivery date".

Be Flexible

Unfortunately, planning ahead isn’t always feasible. If you are faced with a shipping delay that’s going to leave you without a necessary and essential furniture piece, take a deep breath.

“The current climate requires consumers to be flexible and to make a trade-off between their ability to select the ‘perfect’ item and their ability to simply have said item,” Louise says.

Your dream sofa might come with a 12-week delivery wait, while the same sofa in a different fabric, pattern, or colour might be available within 1-10 days. Decide which trade-offs you're willing to make.

Please Note: we strongly advice against submitting bank / credit card chargebacks or PayPal disputes once you’ve placed your order that has been back ordered without allow us the time needed to resolve any queries.

This causes further delays for new and existing customers we appreciate your understanding in advance as we get through these challenging times together!.

What Ellanoir Luxury Promises You to Make Back Ordering Stress Free!

  • Free £40 store credit automatically applied to all "pre-orders" in advance as a way to say thank you for your patience in advance for you spend on your next orders at Ellanoir Luxury until further notice.
  • We will update you with your "pre-orders" estimated arrival date within 24-48 hours of you placing your order so that you can prepare any temporary back ups if needed. 
  • All pre-orders will be marked as priority and in most cases as stock arrives in early we will always re-update you with your early dispatch information.